Marc recently appeared on Mike Epstein's "Speaking of the Arts" Podcast where they discussed everything from Marc's creative projects to the music on "The Simpsons". Listen on Speaking of the Arts' website or via the below audio.

In 2015 Marc appeared on Travis Bell's "The Bucket List Live Podcast" discussing producing music and leaving something behind. Check it out on his official site or with the below audio.

The Bucket List Guy

"In a modern musical landscape that is often watered down with cookie-cuter and copycat acts, Plotkin has created something refreshingly unique with his latest EP, Minor Faults. This interesting blend of chamber-pop and alt-rock strikes a pleasing balance between indie cred and chart viability." - Sandman Music, Music-Placement Agency for Network TV

"What Marc’s done with Minor Faults is truly remarkable. Each track is more than just a song, but an epic journey propelled by stirring instrumental arrangements, lyrics that paint profound imagery, and Marc’s passionately original vocal style. Very few artists have the musical chops to pull off what Marc’s pulled off here. Do yourself a favor, and experience Minor Faults. Today." -

"The sound that Plotkin is able to create with such a unique range of instrumentation is in a word, incredible. It’s not everyday you hear a band that features flugel horn and cello (amongst other instruments) and no guitars. A refreshing listening experience to say the least." -, Music Consultancy and Blog