Creative Marketing Strategies - Final Project

Create a Video Presentation explaining how you'll hit each major point we've discussed in class for your offering. Both the clarity of your ideas and whether or not you hit each required point below will determine your final grade. See my example HERE.


- Why?
- How?
- What?
- What / Who are you orthogonal to?
- Who are your fans? What do they spend money on?
- What category have you created?
- How are you a monopoly?
- Will you market before, after, or during creating?
- How will you find Product-Market Fit?
- How will you engage your first followers?
- How will you gather feedback?
- How will you monetize? (If using the "1K True Fans" method, be specific on what you'll offer)
- How will you drive traffic? (If using the "Quant-Based Marketing" method, be specific on who you're targeting and what some of the numbers are)
- How will you acquire press coverage? (If using the "Trading Up the Chain" method, be specific about which outlets you're targeting and why)
- What will you ask of your fans?
- How will you utilize partnerships?
- Anything else I should know about your plans?

Creative Marketing Strategies - Lesson 11