Make Amazing Videos With Us!

Hi! I'm Marc. I'm an American Songwriting Award-Winning Artist, a Grammy Shortlisted Producer, a Bloomberg BusinessWeek Top 25 Entrepreneur, and a Professor at NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. I've recently started an exciting new music project with Pete Francis (best known as 1/3rd of the band Dispatch).

We’re looking to connect with someone who loves making videos to document weekly songwriting sessions that we do at Pete’s private recording studio. Every week, Pete and I bring in some fantastic musicians/artists/songwriters, and we all collaborate on a new piece of music. We’re looking to start compiling footage of us doing this to create a series that will show both the human side of spontaneous creative collaboration, as well as the craft. Think "Live From Daryl's House" but for the process of creating songs in the studio instead of playing live.

You Are:

  • A great videographer. Everyone who sees your footage says, "Damn, that looks amazing!"
  • An editor that understands narrative and how to structure a compelling arch.
  • Extremely organized. Friends reference you as the person who has their shit together.
  • You've had a blog/vlog or some regular commitment to creating large quantities of content.
  • Your friends or teachers would honestly describe you as reliable and punctual.
  • Always professional when working with big-name artists.
  • Legit fun to be around. The energy and vibe of the room only get more positive with you in it.
  • LOVE music.

What's in it for you?

  • Get a front row seat to working with world-class artists in a fast-paced, creative environment.
  • Be part of creating tons of high-quality content that lifts the curtain behind the songwriting process of great musicians.
  • Access to amazing people
  • Potentially become the leader of a larger video production team


  • Available 1-2 days per week to film sessions at private studio in CT (transportation from NYC provided)
  • Quick turnaround on drafts of edited sessions
  • This role will start as a Volunteer position, but as we begin media partnerships to distribute the content, may transition to paid position.

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