I'm Hiring Marketing Interns

I love the work I do, but the quantities of tasks and projects can make moving fast (something I value highly) difficult. I'm looking for a general Marketing intern to help me move faster and do even more. To give some context, last week my to-do lists(s) looked like this (names blurred for confidentiality)...

For Creating Content and Marketing My Music:

For My MusicMarketing Consulting Business

(Building Audiences for

Other Artists and Large Brands)

If you're equally pysched about coordinating large-scale live events, editing long-form video content, researching new outlets for media outreach, and tons more, you'll get a huge amount of experience from working with me.

What's in it for you?

  • Learn about marketing multiple music projects
  • Access to amazing people
  • See which strategies work the best so you can apply them to your own projects
  • Front row seat to fast-paced, startup-style approach to building momentum around music projects
  • Be making a real impact on active large-scale projects from the ground level
  • Never be asked to make coffee (studio internship burn)
  • Never be asked to play the same song over and over again to boost playcount (record label internship burn)

You are:

  • Extremely organized. People see your desk, your inbox, or your notebooks and always comment, "WOW! You're organized."
  • A great writer. Did you notice the four spelling/grammar errors in this article?
  • Basik understanding of internet marketing, social media platforms, and audio/video production/editing.
  • You've had a blog/vlog or some type of regular commitment to creating large quantities of content.
  • Your friends or teachers would honestly describe you as reliable and punctual.
  • Confident that you can carry yourself professionally when communicating with vendors/partners on behalf of myself or my clients.
  • You're legit fun to be around The energy and vibe of the room only gets more positive with you in it.


  • Available 20+ hours a week
  • 99% of the work will be remote, but 3x per week you're able to meet in-person in New York City to sync up
  • I currently have spots for one paid role and one unpaid role, but either one can accommodate any documentation needed for college credit

To Apply, email your LinkedIn Url (like: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcplotkin/) AND the four spelling / grammar errors in this post to hiring@marcplotkin.com.