November Happenings!

Right here, right now. Seeing if I can get back into long-form documenting on the new Squarespace site.

Will probably keep it to updates on what I've been making and things I've been checking out unless I have a longer rant I'm looking to release.

So recently I joined a songwriting accountability group. It's quite basic, but already yielding benefits. The simple idea is that a group of musicians/songwriters need to publish at least the vague idea of a new-song recording every two weeks. It pushes us all to not sit on material we're endlessly tweaking forever. So far I've released two little song ideas. The first one I definitely think is outlined enough for me to try to form into a real song for future performances and my next record. The second one still has some work to be done but is headed in a nice direction. The end of the second piece features an appearance by my buddy Ben Jacobs too.

The name of the Songwriting Group is "De Snakes" so that's why the Soundcloud account says that. Depending on how I feel about my future contributions to the group I'll keep sharing them here on the blog.

A couple weeks ago I appeared as a guest on a podcast about Bucket Lists where I talked about my services producing records for people who have always dreamed about making music. It was fun and can be heard below or at the podcast's official site.

I've also been doing a lot of remote session playing. Meaning someone sends me a song and I record lots of sax or guitar stuff over it from home and send it back to them without us meeting. It's been fun and a good source of work. Not sure how much of it has been released yet but will share some when we have it.

On the consumption side, there have been two shows, one Podcast, one TV, that have really been rocking my world. The more popular of the two, The Jinx, is crazy. Most people know the story of (crazy fucker) Robert Durst, but the impressive part of this show is the layout and production where they make a documentary more thrilling than Hollywood thrillers. I felt a similar vibe from Citizen Four, where while documenting something real, something highly, highly engaging and thrilling is created.

The other one is more music-nerdy. The Third Story Podcast by Leo Sidran is the first interview-format show for pro musicians that has ever been worthwhile. The questions are so well-thought, and there's a very welcomed lack of bullshit on the show. Favorite interviews have been with Charlie Hunter, Will Lee, Michael Thurber, Becca Stevens, and more. Highly recommended!

Top photo is a bunch of instruments in my home-studio. My sax stand usually just holds my alto and soprano but since I've been recording more tenor lately I've had to leave it out and using a vacant space in my guitar rack to hold it. Cross-instrumentation pollination.

Marc Plotkin