Early December Thangs

Last Sunday I played a really fun show at Rockwood Music Hall Stage II with Jess Carvo and her awesome band. It was part holiday songs part her originals. I sat in on alto sax on three songs, good times! After that set I checked out a great songwriter/guitarist Ryan Hommel at Rockwood Stage I. I definitely recommend checking out both of those artists!

My De Snakes contribution this week was an instrumental ambient experiment:

This week I listened to a ton of uber-produced pop music and it definitely influenced the production work I did for clients this week. Fortunately that was in-line with what they wanted but it was the first time in a while where I noticed an immediate change in my production choices after listening to (ok I'll say it...1989) a few times. I've been wanting to share some of the freelance production work I do after it's finished but I've been having a hard time figuring a good way to release it but keep it clearly separate from "my" music. I'm often proud of my production work but to be totally honest not always proud of the songs or the performances by clients who don't really bring it.

Digested another great podcast this week. The Great Debates is hilarious and genius. Two clearly smart dudes get together and in an extremely eloquent fashion, debate absolutely trivial things. I recommend this episode with guest debaters, B.J. Novak and John Mayer. Hot topics are covered like, "A whale is a fish", and "Stupid people shouldn't vote".

Hearing B.J. Novak talk led me to investigate his recent work which aside from his awesome books (One More Thing is fantastic) led me to learn that he recently launched his own startup called List App. It's actually quite good! Tumblr/Instagram/Twitter-quality design/UX and fun uses. I've made one list so far about my favorite albums of 2015.

Track I'm feeling the most right now:

Music video by Robert Glasper Experiment performing I Stand Alone. (C) 2013 Blue Note Records

Picture at the top is a new press photo Alex took of me on a playground bench in Soho.

Marc Plotkin