There are now officially more people talking about music and commerce on the internet than there have been musical notes played over the course of all time. Seriously, I counted.

No, you idiot I didn’t really count.

But honestly, I’ve realized through doing it myself that certain “experts” have more to say about the future of digital music and bands with social media and blah blah, “focus on your fan reach…” all day and night bullshit, than times they’ve opened their mouths to sing a song. Is it helpful or an excuse? Many joke that those who can’t do, teach. In the internet-age, is it possible that those who can’t do, get on the Twitter-soapbox and use their preachy ideas and practices to justify themselves out of the guilt that they still can’t play Chopsticks in time?

Maybe I’ll stop posting articles by such experts on Facebook. Or at least keep it to the ones with pretty graphic design.

By the way, I have this blog now!

Marc Plotkin