Two Great Documentaries

I recently hit two awesome documentaries in a row that I highly recommend. They sort of hit my two main interests; music, and the web.

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (free on YouTube)

I live in north Brooklyn where there’s an amazing mural on Nassau Ave. in memory of Aaron Swartz. I walk past it often and have been meaning to learn more about him. This amazing walkthru of his life is both inspiring and frightening. Highly recommended if want to be motivated to do bigger things and be scared shitless at the dumb, terrible laws we have in this country.


Mistaken for Strangers (a couple bucks on VHX)

I originally just checked this out because I’m a fan of the band, The National. From the outside it looked just like a rocdoc of them on tour so I put it on when I couldn’t sleep. But it was now the second doc I’ve seen in what I hope is a new pattern I first noticed in Exit Through the Gift Shop of the subject of the doc turning the narrative, if not the camera itself, back onto the documentarian. Mistaken for Strangers is really about siblings comparing themselves to each other, feeling inadequate, finding what you want to do, etc. with The National on tour as the backdrop. Smart and cool.

Marc Plotkin