What the fall brings.

I can already feel fall is going to be chock full of excitement.

On the CitizenGroove front, we were just listed in BusinessWeek’s Top 25 U.S. Entrepreneurs under 25 list…which is pretty cool. I guess it’s the first business'y sort of title that the four of us will really get to carry with us from now on. It’s sort of bizarre when people congratulate you on something you weren’t really gunning for. I did enjoy our Wes Anderson'esque photo shoot we got to do for the feature. Here’s a photo that was rejected for the story, but I really liked.

On the music front, Miles just finished recording what will be a new EP and we’re in the process of mixing it. For the first time I feel like we’ll be releasing a raw, accurate, portrayal of what we always sound like live. I’m also about to begin producing a new record for my old friend Rebecca Brandt. She’s a contemporary classical composer with a really cool, unique style.

I also just found out I’m going to be assisting on a week-long session for one of my favorite living musicians, Hiromi Uehara. She’s playing in a CRAZZY good trio, and I’ll be assisting a true master, Michael Bishop, my friend from the Telarc days.

Other than that, I’m working on some projects that are in earlier-phases than the above ones. Possibly getting moving on an innovative music-education venture, starting to play saxophone with a new NYC group, planning some travels, and just trying to keep moving.

On a non-project/work related note, I recently got a Kindle for my birthday and can already tell that it’s changing my world. Something I wrestled with in my 24 years thus far was that I never read (books) as much as I wanted. I would read them slow and infrequently. Within a week of having the Kindle, I’m almost to my second book. I credit it all to it being so laziness-friendly, but aside from that, the ease of whipping it out on the subway or at a cafe (I know…I could’ve done that with books…but I didn’t), is really blowing my mind. Anyways, I hope to be through a dozen or so books by the next time I write one of these.

My best for a great fall to anyone reading, catch ya next time.

Marc Plotkin