Producing Other Artist's Music

Miles, "Expose"

Marc's Role(s): Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar, Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Miles, "As Fast As You Can"

Marc's Role(s): Songwriter, Vocals, Guitars, Saxophones, Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Miles, "Wow & Flutter"

Marc's Role(s): Songwriter, Saxophone, Guitars, Producer

Rebecca Brandt, "Numbers & Shapes"

Marc's Role(s): Vocals, Guitars, Saxophones, Bass, Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Ryan Andrews, "Requiem"

Marc's Role(s): Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Mastering

Cody wood, "Nothin' to it"

Marc's Role(s): Songwriter, Saxophones, Guitars, Producer, Engineer, Mixer

John Knific Trio, "The Oberlin Sessions"

Marc's Role(s): Saxophone, Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Mastering

Sufjan Stevens, "The BQE"

Marc's Role: Assistant Engineer

Hiromi, "Voice"

Marc's Role: Assistant Engineer

Jaguar motors, "Jaguar summer"

Marc's Role(s): Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar, Production

Alexandra Milak, "Father, Father" (Laura Mvula Cover)

Marc's Role(s): Producer, Engineer

Barc, "Pretty Little Town"

Marc's Role(s): Vocals, Saxophone, Percussion, Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Tom Knific Quartet, "Lines of Influence"

Marc's Role: Assistant Engineer

Alex & Marc, "I Will" (Radiohead Cover)

Marc's Role(s): Guitars, Producer, Engineer

Kate douglas, "The Chelsea Savoy"

Marc's Role(s): Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Funk in the trunk, "summertime"

Marc's Role(s): Saxophone, Producer

Case western reserve university, "The milo game"

Marc's Role(s): Composer, Producer

The Merling Trio: Dvorak, Haydn, & Piazzolla 

Marc's Role(s): Producer, Engineer

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