What I'm about to tell you is, sort of, a secret. I (try to) keep my public image aligned with the things that I create (my music, my companies, etc.), but the truth is that I also operate a high-growth music consultancy that has now connected many world-class artists and brands to massive audiences. Much of this work remains, by choice, unattributed.

Some of my clients include:

The goal is to custom-create an aggressive audience-growth strategy that you can execute within 6-12 months. I'll meet with you or your team regularly to make sure that this happens.

This service is not cheap. Students of mine at NYU pay tens of thousands of dollars to take my classes, and brands pay even more. That said, my clients typically make back between 5x-10x their investment. If you're serious about growing your audience, fill out the form below, and I'll either get back to you with a proposal, some follow-up questions, or a (very kind) rejection.

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