The Visual Music Experience (spring 2018)

Final AR Projects


Visual Music Experience - Spring 2018

(inaugural class)

from K.C. Celik

from Aryan Easwaran and Lizzy Aboody

from Anisa Matthews and Kyra Williams

from Raj Suchdev

from Sean Wang

from Yihan Zhao

from Joon Choi

from Elizabeth Castano

from Alex MacKay

from Anto Ponce

from Will Zesiger

from Shiv Lakhanpal and Grant Peters

from Luke Davis

from Talullah Ruff

Thanks for an awesome semester!

2.07.2018 - Lesson 5

Review the videos in the playlist below and identify a video from recent history that you believe is inspired by one of the older ones. Then in the Facebook group, post a link to the newer video, which old video it’s similar to, and why you believe it to be.

1.31.2018 - Lesson 3


Familiarize yourself with the visual and musical styles of the Talkies/Soundies/Shorts via the examples in the following video-playlist. Leave a comment below with some of your thoughts and things that stick out to you.

1.24.2018 - Lesson 1

Don't forget to make sure you have at least one Digital Audio Workstation and one Video Editor installed on your computers by Friday's class. If either of these worlds are brand new to you; on the audio side, we recommend tools such as Logic or Pro Tools, both of which are fantastic for creating music and are well-optimized for creating music-to-picture specifically. Other suitable audio workstations, though not as calibrated for scoring, include Ableton LiveGarageband, or Audacity. On the video side, we recommend Adobe PremiereFinal Cut, or iMovie. Use what you feel good using!

We've also created a private Facebook Group for this class so we can all quickly share cool videos that we find with each other! Join HERE.